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    Latest News

    • Easter Holiday - Catch up sessionsMar23

      Easter Revision Sessions w/c 30th March - 2nd April 2015........


    • Year 13 Harpur Trust Bursary SchemeMar13

      Two Sixth Form students in Year 13 will be awarded a £3,600 bursary to attend university. The bursary is intended to support students on an annual basis, allocating £1,200 for 3 years of study..........

    • Expedition to Borneo 2016Mar17

      Experience a once in a lifetime opportunity in Borneo next Summer!

      Learn and develop numerous skills before during a 4 week expedition. Come back with an open water PADI qualification.  Earn 70 UCAS points.  Help the Borneo community, environment and wildlife whilst having an adventure.............


    Hastingsbury Sport
    - A team above all, above all a team!

    • Under 15 Girls Cricket Success!Mar25

      Congratulations to the girls under 15 cricket team who participated in the u15 Lady Taverners county sports hall cricket tournament on Tuesday 24th March 2015.  There were 6 teams who entered the round robin tournament, and it lasted from 10am until 3pm at the Inspire Sports Village, Luton. The winning team goes on to represent Bedfordshire in the regional finals later on in the year.